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AB/BC Songwriters In The Round

November 3, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

$10 Cover at the door

It’s 1924 and there is a party going down at the farmhouse, one of the bigger farms, a hub in the district. A banjo player, a couple of guitarists, and an accordion player migrate to the kitchen where they begin exchanging songs. An old mountain ballad, a ribald blues number learned from a street musician, a gospel tune; it goes round and round, each taking a turn, playing along when they can, one of them performs an original tune and more follow, and the party inexorably gravitates from other parts of the house to the kitchen. I imagine a scene like this as the seed of the songwriters in the round, which has become a prevalent format in modern times.

– Amy Nelson –
The sweet, sad longing and play of words and phrases, delivered in a voice from days far gone; holding the plaintive echoes of the struggles of women who bore the weight of abject sorrow and hardships, reaching through the ages and channeled through this small figure of a girl. Amy Nelson began her music career as an old time banjoist, singing songs older than the hills. As time wore on, she began to dedicate herself to not only the preservation of the rural folk music she became known for, but by writing songs that reflected her own view of the world too.

– Carter Felker –
Calgary born Carter Felker traffics in music, yes, but even more profoundly in essence: the humdrum essence of Monday morning alarms clocks coming round again during lifetimes ticking on through thoughtless dawn moments walking across the kitchen floor; the craven essence of sneaking wordlessly away from a relationship and feeling the mute screen door sag shut behind you; the essence of everyday struggles. These are songs about people on life’s highway looking for Exit 0, all crafted with some of the gentlest melodies to ever cuddle up to a bad dream.

– David P. Smith –
https://davidpsmithmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7wTtuhnbg0
Humour and despair grapple on a cerebral plain – then share a whiskey. Over the course of 17 years and six full length recordings, Victoria, BC outsider songwriter-accordionist David P. Smith has been deconstructing and reconstructing blues, roots, hillbilly, and country forms to create a unique body of work that is difficult to define. Tragic, hilarious, profane, profound, and often stumbling into surreality, his songs are unflinchingly original, eclectic, entertaining, and performed with conviction. Delivered hot through a tube-driven amp, Smith’s infectious, rhythm-driven accordion playing gives a nod to R&B and Cajun music.

– John Guliak –
His nickname when he lived in Victoria was The Smoke because he liked to smoke a lot and had – still has – a rich, smoky and compelling baritone voice, the kind that makes another singer jealous. John had a couple of releases on the happening Vancouver label Mint Records in the early 2000’s, solid records and then he was gone, from our lives anyway, to Scotland, and years and years passed. John’s a smart, articulate, literate guy, well-read and well-listened, his songwriting reflects that.

We have 17 days on the road to get to know each other intimately, to get to know our songs, to perform, to listen, to commune, to create, to connect to audiences. Welcome to the AB/BC Songwriter in the Round Tour


November 3, 2017
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


The WISE Lounge (downstairs)
1882 Adanac
Vancouver, BC Canada


Live at the WISE