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Brian Roche June Visual Artist Showcase

June 1, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - June 30, 2017 @ 2:00 am

The WISE is excited to continue showcasing the work of local visual artists from East Vancouver and beyond. The project aims to increase exposure for participating artists, reinforce positive associations with the local arts community, and increase lounge ambience.

We are happy to showcase Brian Roche in the WISE Lounge for the month of June. An official launch will take place Thursday June 1 2017 featuring a night of music and entertainment.
Show starts at 8pm. 10.00 suggested donation at the door.

I was born in Ireland 1955 . It all started when my mom read my kindergarten reort card to me at the age of 5.”Brian shows a strong interest in art” – is what the teacher wrote. In 1976 i moved to Grand Forks BC , painted naked women and said very little. In 1981 i attended DTUC in Nelson BC. I studied art and tried to find my groove.In 1985 i returned to Vancouver, painted furiously, wore black and exhibited in artist run galleries.Tiring of poverty i worked in the video game industy throughout the 90’s, put on weight, and became somewhat of a malcontent. I gave up painting altogether in 2000. Thus began my navel gazing years ( not recommended). Then one dark and stormy night in Novemvber of 2005 i decided to take the happy road and started to paint again . I paint because i seem to have a lot on my mind. Art is a refuge for me. I see a very sad and a very beautiful world. There is a darkness in our humanity. The the world we create for ourselves ain’t a pretty place. So, needless to say, my paintings sometimes are not pretty .Yet i do believe we are capable of a hopeful transformation…and that transformation is a theme i’ve moved into exploring. i like to call what i do “sloppy realism”..Artists like Rene Magritte, Francisco Goya, Georgia O’Keefe and David Salle inspire me. I’ve been painting like this for just over 30 years. A short liftetime of visual complaining. Also, and even tho i’ve always had a camera, and putzed around in toxic darkrooms, photgraphy has kinda taken over recently.PhotoShop is the new darkroom. Long Live PhotoShop !
this an email from a friend who recently shuffled off this mortal coil
In these, the days of Snowden, your painting is inspired. It’s all there; the encrypted conversation, the hypno-wheel pushing family values, the shadow players, the apocalyptic outrider, and Gladys Kravitz spying from next door… You know I’m a fan of your shit but this one is fucking amazing. Either I’m getting smarter or you’re getting better, and I don’t feel smarter…
great stuff,
February 20, 2014 at 9:05am ·
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Solo Exhibitions
DTUC Gallery 1982 Nelson BC
DTUC Gallery 1984 Nelson BC
Helen Pitt Gallery 1986 Vancouver BC
Helen Pitt Gallery 1988 Vancouver BC
Smash Gallery 1991 Vancouver BC
Sinclair Center Gallery 1993 Vancouver BC
Havana Gallery 1998 Vancouver BC
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Britannia Art Gallery 2012 Vancouver BC
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Northern Gallery May 2010 Olympia WA


David Thompson University Centre 1981 – 1984
Vancouver Vocational institute 1990 – 1991


June 1, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
June 30, 2017 @ 2:00 am


The WISE Lounge (downstairs)
1882 Adanac
Vancouver, BC Canada


Live at the WISE